Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Exhibition

After 6 months of hard work, challenges, set backs, crisis and wonderment, the exhibition opened at Studio Gallery 1311. The reception was an absolutely great time. I got to share stories, reminisce, critique, and catch up with friends, family, and new faces. Finally, my stack of new paintings were framed and on the wall. It's hard to believe the day finally came and I could share the work and experiences.

Thank you to everyone who showed up for the reception. It was amazing, and my family really went above and beyond by making food and setting up an amazing event. It was a whirlwind, but I was able to snap a few pics from the night.  The exhibition will be open until July 16, so there is plenty of time to stop in and catch it.

I will also be having a figurative oil painting workshop the final weekend of the exhibition. If you are interested, call, text, email or Facebook message me for ore information.

Here are a few pics from last night. For more pics of the night, Dave from Studio Gallery 1311 has an album on his flickr page.

Just as the show kicks off. After this, things became a bit hectic for me!

Baby Tuna

Some Boku and a carabao

Three young Tagbanua boys and a coy young woman.

An elderly Tagbanua woman carrying jugs of water from the river back home. 

The adorably coy Abeng, who sat for me for a drawing demonstration just before watching from her doorway as we left the village. 

On the path out of Yayabu, we came across this young boy with his fresh picked flowers and a freshly killed bird.

Sunrise on the Sulu Sea

Fish from the wet market.

A farm in rural Aborlan, the area where we spent a great deal of our trip.

Sunrise over the rocks at Toby and Thelma's 

An elder in the Batak village of Timbuan.

More wet market fish.

A young man lashing balsa (bamboo) for a raft.

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