Sunday, March 9, 2014

"The Underpainting" Featured in Fine Art Connoisseur

I'm extremely honored to have artwork included in the March/April issue of Fine Art Connoisseur. My painting, "The Underpainting" will be included in a feature called "When Artists Depict Themselves." I'm humbled to be featured alongside some of my heroes and my blogstalkees, including Mia Bergeron, Teresa Oaxaca, Katie O'Hagan, Michelle Dunaway and many others. Julio Reyes and Candice Bohannon have a wonderful feature in there; it's a very inspiring read, and it couldn't have examined two nicer artists. I flew out to New York in 2012 just to catch his show at the Arcadia gallery, and it was quite honestly astounding. It was a whole new level of awareness radiating from his work on the walls. Anyway, check out their article! I finally tracked an issue down at the local Barnes & Noble, so it should be on newsstands near you!